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Where We Came From

content imageOur history is short, but...

Founded during the 2004 Texas/Texas A&M football game, following a tailgate party that involved iron-ons of the beloved RIVALWEAR original, the sensational exclusive ‘SAW ‘EM OFF’ shirt was born, and with it, fans of the shirt! Thanks in part to our new design, Texas won the game, and soon-to-be RIVALWEAR won the hearts of both Texas and Aggie fans alike.

Launched in January 2005, RIVALWEAR.com is dedicated to being your exclusive source for the most creative and funniest sports apparel and merchandise that you can't find in your local co-op or anywhere else!

Soon, RIVALWEAR hopes to expand into local retailers throughout Texas and the United States, as well as to expand to other “cities” throughout the country. Let us know your thoughts at info@rivalwear.com.